Application Guidelines

Job opening type 【Development Department】
・Firmware developer

【General Affairs Department】
・In-house SE
・General affairs(※Currently not recruiting)
Main jobs 【Development Department】
・Firmware development (specification analysis, design, evaluation, verification, software release, maintenance)
※C programming language, etc.

【General Affairs Department】
・In-house SE (internal software development, internal networking, server construction, operation & maintenance)

・General affairs
We plan to ask any of the following jobs based on the wishes and suitability of the individual.
 ■Accounting (journalizing/book management, petty cash management, deposit/payment, closing, etc.)
 ■Labor services (attendance management, payroll calculation, social insurance procedures, etc.)
 ■Human resources (recruiting activities, onboarding procedures, personnel training, etc.)
 ■Corporate planning (PR, meeting organization, secretarial work, etc.)
 ■General affairs (consumables management, in-house mail management, emergency drills, etc.)
Qualification requirements 【Development Department】
Persons who fall under one of the following:
・Having experience in firmware development
・Having experience in control system development
・Having experience in development with C language
・Having experience in developing microcomputers, electronic circuits, etc.
*Semi-recent university graduates are welcome to apply
*Persons with no experience or little experience may start as a contract employee

【General Affairs Department】
Persons with experience in any of the jobs listed in the job description column
*Semi-recent university graduates are welcome to apply
*Persons with no experience or little experience may start as a contract employee
Starting salary 200,000yen~
*To be determined based on age and experience
Allowances ●Commuting allowance (up to 100,000 yen)
●Overtime allowance
●Midnight work allowance
●Holiday work allowance
●Qualification allowance
●Child allowance
●Regional allowance
●Transfer allowance
●Long-term training allowance, etc.
Salary raise Once a year (April) ※Based on twice-a-year assessment
Bonus Twice a year (July & December) ※Based on business performance
Main work location Main office:Shizuoka City
Sapporo branch office:Hokkaido Sapporo City
※No transfer (desired work location)
Working hours 9:00 – 17:30 (45 minutes for lunch break)
Holiday/Vacation A five-day workweek system (121 days off per year, 9 to10 days long holidays – 3 times per year), Annual paid leave (The taking rate is 80% or more.) Compensatory leave, Congratulation/condolence leave, prenatal and postnatal leave, childcare leave, spouse maternity leave, nursing care leave, family care leave, sick/injured care leave, etc. (FY2019 results)
Welfare & Benefits Health insurance, employees’ pension insurance, employment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance Yazaki Group collective insurance, employees’ savings scheme, Shizuoka City Laborers’ Welfare Foundation (Joibu Shizuoka), Subsidy for influenza vaccination, congratulatory/condolence payments, retirement allowance system, etc.
Education and training system ◆Employee training
 We provide training tailored to employee levels under the internal skill-evaluation standards.

◆YAZAKI Group Training
 Participate in various training hosted by the YAZAKI Group from time to time.
Documents to be submitted You will receive the information on the documents and the address required for your application after the entry.
※Your application documents will not be returned.
We will responsibly dispose of these documents after the selection process.

We are waiting for your entry!